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Welcome to Español con María, the tropical community for Spanish students around the world.  Here you will learn Spanish and you will speak with fluency like a native.

  • Learn common Spanish expressions
  • Practice Spanish whenever you want to. Español con María is 24/7
  • Test yourself with Spanish tests in each course.
  • Meet friends from all around the world
  • Get closer to Latin American culture after each lesson

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Here you find all the tools you need to learn Spanish

Español con María is much more than a Spanish course online. Español con María a is a learning experience that allows you to get closer to Latin America and discover the culture by living Spanish.

Español con María is a virtual community of hundreds of Spanish students from different countries of the world who become friends thanks to Spanish learning. All the members of Spanish with María have my support as a native teacher but also as a friend.

Here you find all the tools you need to become fluent in Spanish. You can have access to our libraries, our Spanish courses (with a really effective and fun metodology) and our chat group.

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