It’s time to read in Spanish. In this page you find spanish books online. Some of these books are free in pdf, and some others can be bought or you can access to them if you are a Español con María’s member. Among these books you’ll find Spanish short stories for beginners, spanish novels and books to practice.

Es hora de leer en español

Spanish dictionaries

Una herramienta fundamental

diccionario español

The dictionaries are essential books for language learning. Off course there are plenty dictionaries onlines and mobile apps that are very useful, however, printed dictionaries still have unique content that make them special. There are dictionaries with grammar tables and the pronunctiation guides. Here you can find some I recommend.

Spanish workbook

The best way to improve Spanish is by practicing. Becoming fluent in a language is like master a sport. You have to trains with exercises to become pro.

That’s why a create sthis workbook about a topic that many people needs to practice: the pronouns lo, la and le in Spanish.

Spanish short stories

Perfect for beginners or for those without so much time to read


Do you remember the story of Pinoccio? Well in Spanish this short story is known as Pinocho. This is the wooden puppet whose nose grow each time he lied.

El lepidopmac

¿Have you ever feel so in love that you feel butterflies in your stomach? That “sickness” is cured by Dr. Lorca who has the mission to end romanticism in order to have a peaceful world.

This is a short story in Spanish written by Rafael Romer Valcárcel, a creative peruvian writer.

Cuentos que contaban nuestras abuelas

Spain is full of wonderfull stories from different worlds. This country have african, arabian, latin  and off course, european influence. In Spain the stories from different cultures are part of the oral heritage. Books like this one that you can find on Amazon collect all those stories, myths and legends that belong to the hispanic culture.

After knowing this stories you will understand the origin of different Spanish sayings, characters and proverbs.

Por Dios, ¡No te cases!

EM Ariza it the humor author in Spanish most readed in the world. He makes us laught with this short story about marriages and it’s risks. If you click on the button bellow you can download the story.

Historias para leer en español

Spanish novels

Books for intermediate and advanced Spanish students.

Cien años de soledad

This is the wonderful novel wrote by García Marques. Thanks to this novel, for the first time in history, a Colombian became a Nobel Prize winner. Cien años de Soledad is one of the most popular novels in Spanish.

El tiempo entre costuras

This is one of my favorite books. The author is the hispaniard María Dueñas. She became famous after publishing this extraordinary novel full of intrigue and suspense.

This Spanish novel inspired the TV Serie with the same name “El tiempo entre costuras”.I also recommend you to watch this serie.

Libros en español gratis

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Aquí encuentras libros gratis en español que puedes descargar o leer en línea. Aprovéchala.

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Libros de la literatura universal

Aquí encuentras historias clásicas de todas partes del mundo, pero en español

Literatura latinoamericana

Puedes conocer mucho de la cultura de una región, a través de su literatura. Déjate envolver por las historias latinoamericanas.

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