Learn Spanish in 40 days

After this course you will have your first conversations in Spanish

Start living your life in Spanish: Learn Spanish in 40 days

  • 40 day course
  • Achieve basic knowledge to start speaking Spanish
  • Lessons focussed in practice
  • Study whenever you want, 24/7 platform access
  • Native teacher 🙂 from Colombia


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Course topics

  • After this course you will share your opinion about basic topics in Spanish
  • You will learn how to greet and introduce yourself in Spanish
  • You will be able to ask and share personal information
  • Understand basic vocabulary: family members, colors, directions, objects of the house.
  • Describe people and places
  • Your first dive into latin american culture

What does this course includes

  • Activities for 40 days
  • Quizzes to test yourself
  • Complete toolkit to practice
  • Online social activities to relate with other students
  • Questions forum
native spanish teacher

Learn Spanish with a native teacher

I’m a professional in journalism and social communication from Colombia. I won’t just help you to learn Spanish, I will also catch you with joy. (Colombia is one of the happiest contries in the world)

learn spanish in 40 days

24/7 access to the learning platform

One of the benefits of online education is that you can handle your schedule. Study whenever you want to, from anywhere in the world.

learn spanish course

Wise Spanish learning method

The course is carefully design to help you speak spanish faster by developing active learning skills. Trust me, you will learn Spanish in 40 days. Of course this is just one of the steps of the language learning process, but in the end, you will have basic Spanish conversations.

About the 40 day Spanish course

curso español 40 días

Useful content

The 40 day Spanish course is designed to allow you to communicate in Spanish as soon as possible, the lectures content is wisely organized.

spanish course

Discover latinamerican culture

There are cultural lessons to get closer to the customs and culture from spanish speaking countries from Latin America.

spanish for beginners course

Fun and dynamic lessons

This course have readings, videos, songs, audios and quizzes that make very cool to learn Spanish. As it’s a course for beginners, there is also support in English.

spanish quiz

Test yourself

Practice what you just learn with quizzes and exercises.

This is a great chance to discover the world learning Spanish

Take on 40 days to learn Spanish challenge